Planet Formula

Planet Formula is a match3 puzzle game featuring planets in the Solar system.

There are more than 100 levels of difficulty. There are 4 possible level's objectives for each level: EARN POINTS, BREAK ICE, BREAK ICE plus EARN POINTS, BRING DOWN COINS.

Switch and match three or more planets in a row or column.

The level is completed when you reach a given number of points or break all ice tiles or bring down all coins within a given number of moves. It depends on level's objective.

5 planets in a row = MAGIC planet. When you swap Magic planet with a regular, it destroys all planets of the same type in a grid = many points.

4 planets in a row = SPECIAL planet. Special planet has a white border. When you match 3 and one of them is a Special the whole row or column is destroyed.

T-CHAIN and L-CHAIN worth many points. You should always look for those type of chains.

Ice is broken and destroyed if there is a destroyed planet underneath the ice. Walls are destroyed when the neighbor planet is destroyed. Wall grows if none of the walls was destroyed in the previous turn.

Each completed level adds to your karma and helps you to advance through the game ranks.

Your mission is to complete all levels.

Planet Formula is very easy to learn and can help you relax and fill the time while at home or commuting.

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Enjoy ;)

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